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We are working to create a world-class team, an exceptional working environment and we envisage building the next big thing in social media. We are currently working on two projects in our endeavor to create innovative products in the social media and mobile space.
Our pilot product imlee.com is a social networking platform for families. Its based on the concept of family trees which enables you to connect with your relatives online. As a member, one can post pictures, get birthday/ anniversary alerts, interact and do more in a close and private network.
Imlee is live with over 60000 registered users and over 9 million profiles.

The other product is ZALP which is a unique SAAS (software-as-a-service) based recruitment tool designed to help organizations efficiently source the highest quality candidates through the most valuable source of recruitment - Employee Referrals.
Empowered with breakthrough features that tap into the full potential of Social Media and an extremely user friendly interface, ZALP will be every organization's perfect Socially Intelligent Recruitment Buddy.
ZALP is recruitment software which not only ensures increased employee participation but also drastically reduces an organization's cost per hire and time to fill.
We are also working on a few other exciting products in the social media space.
Our goal is to build more such innovative products and properties using the power of technology and social media.

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